Thursday, August 4, 2016

Renfield's Cast 2 : Black Screens Green Text

This week on RENFIELD'S CAST we talk about retro rpg blogs and what we'd like to do them. Ollie gets conjunctivitis in the depths of an ancient forum and Robin invents a new numerical system for reviewing RPG products. THEN WE RUIN IT ALL BY GETTING VCR AND VHS THE WRONG WAY ROUND TEN FUCKING TIMES OH MY GOD.

Show notes after the break

00:31 Worst RC intro yet get your shit together Robin.

01:23 RPG supplements are bad.

02:58 RPG player supplements are worse.
06:32 Blog curation.


08:17 Did you know that G+ is a thing?

09:26 The WELL

11:43 The birth of a new segment.

15:11 Oh shit we start saying VCR instead of VHS I hope we stop.

16:00 Nope, we don't.

16:32 The Death of Huge Ruined Pile

19:05 “at the risk of getting too nerdy”

20:50 A special message to Patrick Stuart.

22:28 The new way to score RPG products. RPG reviewers please take note

25:21 Inaugural Boardgame review
INTRO/OUTRO by Buttered Bronson


  1. "I have a blog myself... obviously"

    1. You've got to remember, Ian, that I am an incredibly intelligent person and never say anything superfluous or utterly without merit.