Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Renfield's Cast 3 : Godkiller Bomb

Gods! It seems they're all the rage. BUT DID YOU KNOW they could burn down your house, perv on your wife or even turn you into a tree?!!?


0:29 Vornheim Stories - Rotten Pulp's First Day in Vornheim

3:40 God DOES play dice

4:45 Feelings about epic level play

7:09 Mike Mearls tweets

8:23 Clerics

11:16 Pillars of Eternity

14:00 Pelor's Hope podcast

16:23 Dragons in Shadowrun

18:39 William Gibson hates Shadowrun

18:55 DnD Endgame

19:54 Dark Cloud

20:43 The Blasted Swamp

22:20 Zocchihedron Dice

22:45 A Wizard's Kiss

23:04 Beyond Formalhaut (pronounced Formal HOT)

24:30 Discussion of original Gamma World

27:35 Dracula was never even copyright in the US

Ollie's Blog

Art by Scrap Princess

Sounds by Buttered Bronson

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