Thursday, January 1, 2015

Weird Remote Village

1) Monster
2) Psi Witch
3) Vinemancer
4) Exiled knight of the realm
5) Dream Shaman
6) Necromancer
7) Monk
8) Beast Master. Use local wilderness table to determine which manner of beast they command.

1) Beloved. Fed all the best food in the village. Fat and extremely competent.
2) Undead.
3) Benevolent evil dragon. Will take great pains to keep this information secret. Only clues are extensive knowledge of arcane subjects and the veneration of dumb animals.
4) Telepathic
5) The last of a line of ancient learning.
6) Demonic pact. (50% chance made by the village, 50% by the protector.)
7) A poser, well versed in illusion magic.
8) Drunken master.

1) The ashes of the sorcerer-tyrant. If reclaimed he will return to life, and be just as much of a pain in the arse to destroy as he was the last time.
2) Small girl, unaware that she is undeniably the rightful heir to a distant monarchy.
3) Entrance to the hollows within the roots of the world tree.
4) Obsessed bio-alchemist. Makes new monsters in his laboratory vats beneath the city. Funded by the crown.
5) Grand witch coven. Roll dwhatever every time a new female villager is met. 50% chance witch.
6) One of the apple trees in the overlarge apple orchard on the outskirts of town belongs to heaven. Existence of tree sole proof clerics of dominant religion are not just tapping dark sorcery.
7) Small golden kitten sleeps in town every night. One night the kitten was woken and shooed away from the doorstep she'd chosen to rest upon. The sun didn't rise the next day.
8) Grand Druid Coven, All villagers are druids. Entire town ancient forest kept safe by illusion magic. Do not gaze upon the forest's defender with true sight.

Summin extra from d12

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